9 August 2013

Have you seen the Vintage Collection?

I feel in love with these fabrics one day, and they sat in a pile on my studio table for nearly a month. And a collection was born....available now in our Etsy store.

28 May 2013

New designs!

I have been so busy designing and drafting the new patterns that I haven't had a chance to update this blog in ages!

Our newest pattern release for the "Race Around" dress went live in my Etsy store this evening. So pleased with this design! It is super easy to make and looks classic and stylish. Easy to dress up with silk or taffeta or down with cotton - it is a versatile Summer pattern.

Coming soon is the pattern for our Origami skirt pattern and Wrapped Up faux ballet top.


14 April 2013

Frantic doesn't describe it!

It has been the most amazing 3 days since launching the FB page, Etsy shop and this blog! I have had fantastic feedback on my patterns and draft designs, and it is a little overwhelming.

I love the creative process. I love making something new from nothing, and watching others' reactions to it. But with school going back tomorrow, that will mean a little slower and steadier on the designing and drafting. I already have two draft patterns almost ready to go out to testers (and picking testers...isn't that a whole other ball of wax - how to choose?!?) late next week.

Draft pattern #1 - Beach Holiday Playsuit
I am loving the beachy softness of the this playsuit. I had this gorgeous soft plain white cotton that was just asking to be made up into something reminiscent of vintage beachwear. I teamed the soft causal style of a peasant top with the vintage elegance of a cuffed short, to create this playsuit. Maisie loved it, and between rain storms, we were able to get some photos.

Draft design #2 - as yet unnamed dress
And the new dress design, I wanted a particular type of photo to showcase it...bit hard with my limited skills with a camera. But I gave it a go. We ventured out just on dusk to try to capture the ethereal light of sunset - I love a red and purple sky, when it is still bruised with clouds. And with the weather we have been having, there were still plenty of clouds. I am loving this dress design - it is simple, classic and a little bit 1950's. I have the final touches to put on pattern drafts this week, and then - again - it will be off to the testers. I have yet to come up with a name for this design - suggestions?
Well I am off to try and get **some** sleep


11 April 2013

and so it begins....

After a flurry of digitizing paper patterns, pattern testing, sewing samples, taking photographs, refining instructions and HOURS and HOURS spent in front of the computer creating a Facebook page and Pattern Testers group, an Etsy store and this lovely little blog, I am happy to say that Rabbit Rabbit Creations is finally off and running....

I am a bundle of nervous energy at the moment - too much to do, too little time!

I have so many patterns created over the many years I have been sewing - many of them "frankenpatterns" (think Frankenstein - but bits of old patterns blended with new, and changed around a bit to suit styling, trending and seasons) that I am itching to finally digitize and share. Unfortunately there really are only 24 hours in a day, and that just isn't enough for me! I have set myself the goal of producing ONE set of photos and instructions a week. I know this is an unreasonable expectation, but I can hope.

First up this week is the "Weekender" relaxed crop pants for boys and girls. Listed on Etsy.

I love love love these pants! They have an optional pocket feature, elastic waist and relaxed leg, and with the cute button tab feature they have a fun and whimsical feel. These pants have been a staple for my children for many years, in many varieties - from shorts to long pants, and everything in between. They are a brilliant basic pants pattern.

So...where do my patterns and creations come from?? My love and long history with sewing, combined with my hatred of tissue paper patterns, the need to be creative and the love of making simple, classic clothing for my children.

I have developed many basic pattern blocks over the years and use these to develop new patterns. My poor mannequins (or my children if they will stand still long enough!) have fabric draped and cut and pinned and stitched to them, until I get the look I want, then it is just a matter of developing a pattern. On cardboard! And now digitally!

I HATE tissue paper patterns with a passion! Why? Because I never had to use them! Growing up, our house was filled with industrial sewing machines, huge cutting tables, massive rolls of fabric and all the elastic, buttons and assorted trim that any little girl could want. And patterns were always, always, always drafted and graded onto lovely stiff cardboard: layout your fabric, trace around and cut it out. Making more than one? No worry - just lay the fabric layer upon layer and use the industrial cutter. Bliss! To think of using tissue paper patterns is abhorrent!

My parents are both clothing manufacturers....so you could say sewing, patterns and clothing design is in my blood. My mum used to sew in my nursery (or I guess you could say I used to sleep in her studio!) as a baby. I learned how to sew many, many (many!) years ago, by sitting on the sewing table and watching my mum fly through piles of clothes. One minute they were random jigsaw pieces, the next beautiful garments! I have sewn fairy dresses, skating leotards, suits, nappies, swimwear, pajamas, soft furnishings ... the list is endless.

When I grew and made my own home, a studio of my own became essential. However, it has only been in the last 3 years (since moving into our current home) that I have really found my oasis, my true center,  my beautiful cave, my studio. It is still a work in progress, but I love it. It is MINE! Who'd like to see it?

Anyway, I must be off - patterns to grade, test and sample! I am due to take photos tomorrow for my next pattern - a floaty summer dress for my girl, and a summer overalls set for my little man. I will post photos if the weather holds out for tomorrow.